Big Boy

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Us poor folk ate over tah Warren's restaurant, but da rich Nort' Siders needed someplace fancy to grab lunch downtown so a fella name'a "Marc" went an' built 'em all a Big Boy restaurant.

I found a pitcher'a da big goomer dat stood guard out front'a da place. Dat's it off to da right side'a dis page.

He had a funny haircut and dressed kinda like a fancy-boy, but nobody said nothin' cuz he stood 'bout twelf-foot tall an' held dis giant hamburger over his head like he was ready to smoosh da first one stoopid enough ta upset 'im. So we din't.

Ev'ry so offen, ya'd hear somebody in dere sayin' dey got "too much food".

Heh. Tourists. Ain't no such t'ing as "too much food" in Manitowoc, hey...

(G'head and add yer own stuff about Marc's Big Boy here, hey!)