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Manitowoc law clearly states dat "Youse ain't legally married unless youse had yer weddin' reception at da Club Bil-Mar" [see: Martyrmoney Statues, chapters 11 tru' 13].

Best anybody can dismember, da Club Bil-Mar was sittin' dare already when da Polish an' German Pilgrims arrive't. His'try books tell us dem pioneers took one look at da flickerin' Kingsbury sign in da window and knew dey was home. So dey parallel park't alla wagons where dey figger't da yellow lines inna parkin' lot shoulda been, an' Manitowoc was settle't.

Besides yer weddin', ya kin has yer graduatin' party or class reunion dare too, hey. If ya wanna save some cash, don't graduate high skoolz 'til yer 23, an' you can jus' piggy-back yer graduatin' party offa yer five-year class reunion.

An udder money-savin' tip from alla yer friends here onna Manitowiki. Yer welcome...

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