Citizen Park

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Don't let the name fool ya: You don't need no Green Card or nothin' to come to Citizens Park.

Dat much is obvious by just' drivin' past 'er, hey? Geez, they's even lettin' da French an' Irish in nowadays.

An' I know, da sign sez "Citizen Park" but ev'body calls it "Citizens Park" prob'ly cause it holds way more den one lousy citizen.

I mean, what kinda crummy park would dat be anyways? Da teeter-totter would jus' be a teeter. Or maybe a totter, who knows? Anyways, Manitowoc's Citizens Park got a lot more cool stuff now than when we was kids. Today, dere's water slides and such.

In my day, we hadda dive for pennies. And you couldn't always tell 'em apart from the rust spots onna floor. More'n one kid nearly drownded tryin' to pick up da oxidation offa da drain cover inna twelf-foot deep section.

Activities at Citizen Park include:
  • Drinkin' beer;
  • Drinkin' beer an' playin' softball;
  • Drinkin' beer an' playin' tennis;
  • Drinkin' beer an' watchin' alla chicks inna pool; and
  • Drinkin' beer an' apologizin' to yer wife for watchin' alla chicks inna pool...
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I tink it was da first place that had one a dose curly slides. I 'member as a kid bein' very excited 'bout goin roun' a slide 'stead of straight down. Gosh darn, dat was fun!