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Yer four basic food groups
Cookin' outsides.

Youse might call it a cookout, or grillin' out, or some udder such nonsense.

Are way is better: way fewer letters.

An' no, you don't gotta fry nothin' ta fry out in Manitowoc. But'cha gotta cook da basics:

  • Brats;
  • Dogs;
  • Burgers; and
  • Chicken, if yer feedin' women.

Now, the weiner cartel got it arranged so's no matter WHAT ya do, it's impossible to buy the exact right amount of buns for the dogs an' brats. They know dat you'll keep goin' back to the store: "Oh we're outta buns!" or "Oh, dere ain't enough brats an' dogs!"

Don't fall fer dat trap! Instead, use da extra buns for a hot tamale or two, an' it'll work out perfect every time...

(G'head and add yer own stuff about fry-outs here, hey!)