Happy Schnapps Combo

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As you are no doubt already aware, the "Happy Schnapps Combo" is to Wisconsin what "Rush" is to Canada: a band.

It ain't just any band, though. Manitowoc's very own Jim "Bruiser" Krueger, who wrote the hit song "We Just Disagree" just so's his pal Dave Mason could afford to pay him what he was worth, created da Combo with an important goal in mind: t'sing about how much "Da Bears Still Suck".

Dis was a noble goal indeed, and he was rewarded greatly, never having to buy his own cheesecurds no matter where inna state of Wisconsin he traveled. He is greatly missed, though his brother Rich Krueger and the remaining Combo is doing everyt'ing dey kin t'keep Bruiser's memory alive t'rough his music...

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