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Here's how ya pranounce it -

If yer sober, it's "Man-it-UH-wok";
If yer in a hurry, it's "MAN-twok"; and
If you been drinkin', it's "Man-in-a-wok".

Manitowoc is only like the greatest city ever on Earth or even North America.

It's located smack dab inna middle of the state, only way off t'one side.

It's the whole reason we got us this Manitowiki, so's we could brag about it.

You prob'ly seen "Manitowoc" onna hotel ice machine or two. Plus, we used'a make Kingsbury, the finest beer ever brewed by man. Dat's no lie, hey.

For more info, see:

Manitowoc's Official Website
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the Manitowoc County Historical Society