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Most restaurants got dat sign in da window readin' "Closed" on one side an' "Open" on da udder.

Da Penquin got "Out of business" on da front an' "Under new management!" on da flipside.

Dis is da home of da "Big Penny" burger dat, every time dey re-open, gets a li'l smaller. Or maybe we just keep gettin' bigger in Manitowoc an' it's a perspective t'ing. Who knows?

They's prob'ly a good story about why dey spells "Penquin" wit' a "q" instead of a "g" like dem zoo birds. But we dunno what it is, so we're gonna make one up:

Seems da original owner had a English teacher dat weren't as good as mine were. She was always gettin' on him ta "mind yer Ps and Qs, or you'll never get anywhere in life". So when he got rich enough t'buy a restaurant, he t'rew in a "q" jus' ta rub her nose in it.

True or not, it's a sweet story wit' sentiment, ya gotta admit.

Most folks t'day wish dey'd bring back da car hops in li'l skirts on rolley-skates. Well, most men-folks, anyways...

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