Silver Creek Park

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It's pronounced "Silver Crick" unless yer from da rich nort' side'a Manitowoc in which case you prob'ly ain't comin' alla way down here ta smelt fish or watch da submarine races so maybe it don't matter, hey?

Anyways, da Crick is where truant Lincoln High School kids come ta hide from da cops, and where drunk husbands come ta hide from da wife.

Activities include:

Beautiful, ain'so? Makes ya wanna go wadin'...

- Drinkin' beer;
- Drinkin' beer an' goin' swimmin';
- Drinkin' beer an' playin' Frisbee;
- Drinkin' beer an' playin' softball;
- Drinkin' beer an' playin' horseshoes;
- Drinkin' beer an' playin' bad mittens;
- Drinkin' beer an' playin' testicle toss; and
- Drinkin' beer an' playin' yer radio too loud.

Couple times'a year we got alla alewives you can eat for free, too. So bring da fambly...

For more info, see:

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