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Perhaps da most sly and cunning of all da game fish, smelts (pronounced: "shhmelts") can only be captured by net. They are skeptical by nature, and refuse to fall for anything "hook, line, and sinker", including a hook, line, and sinker.

Considered a Manitowoc delicacy, da fish are unfortunately rather small. Yer average Manitowoc man can eat about twelf-hunnert of 'em. Yer average Manitowoc gal, slightly more than that.

Smelt-fishing is also referred to as "goin' smeltin'". Once it's over, you have smelted. It is traditional to play card games like Shmear and Sheepshead after smelting, which of course led to the ol' card-players' catch phrase: "You smelted, you dealt it"...